Dear Customers, please take into consideration, when sending Bitcoin you have to indicate receivers Bitcoin address and do not mix it with Bitcoin Cash address

BCH Address: bitcoincash:qrycz4n98v67wk8fc9n99a7mezh68zx42gvnv0hvv7

How to pay

  1. Open your crypto wallet.

  2. Select the currency you would like to pay in.

  3. Make sure the currency you selected is the same as whats in your wallet.

  4. Scan the QR code, or manually copy the amount and address.

  5. Complete the payment by sending the crypto from your wallet.

  6. Wait on this page for the confirmation message that the payment has been received.

Paying from an exchange?

Take Note: If you are using an exchange, take note of their fees. Most exchanges deduct a fee from the amount you want to send. This will result in an underpayment that would have to be refunded