Dear Customers, While transferring Ripples write 361903209 number in the "Destination Tag" field, otherwise transferred money will not be added into your wallet

XRP Address: rnMCfd99pwRE8u4LxE43Z1pDzock2kXbLQ
Destination TAG: 361903209

How to pay

  1. Open your crypto wallet.

  2. Select the currency you would like to pay in.

  3. Make sure the currency you selected is the same as whats in your wallet.

  4. Scan the QR code, or manually copy the amount and address.

  5. Complete the payment by sending the crypto from your wallet.

  6. Wait on this page for the confirmation message that the payment has been received.

Paying from an exchange?

Take Note: If you are using an exchange, take note of their fees. Most exchanges deduct a fee from the amount you want to send. This will result in an underpayment that would have to be refunded